Thursday, 20 August 2009

June Update (late)

Gah so yes I've been a little absent, but most importantly I've been reading! Just wanted to drop you a quick update:

I asked for totals in June and in that month I received responses that told me all active participants had read a cumulative total of 386 books (including me). I know the total's probably way bigger now (I'm up from 31 books to 51). Great going guys!

That means alongside your own charity activities you've all helped to raise almost £4 for Eco Libris, that's just over $4 which means next year we'll be helping to plant four new trees.

Unfortunately when I call for totals I'm getting about 12 - 15 responses. I don't know if everyone else is still reading for charity and gathering money. I hope so (give a little hey in the comments if you just haven't had time to return a total).

The next official total call will be the final total now but I'm always happy to receive news on how you're doing!


Peta said...

I'm up to 82 books read this year so far and I self-sponsor with a donation of £1 to Book Aid International for each one I finish so I am quite pleased with the amount of books I've enabled them to buy so far this year!

I genuinely believe that without getting involved with this initiative, I would not be donating this much money to them so thank you for the idea!

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

great work you are doing here.

Jodie said...

Peta - That's a great contribution. I'm reading more than I have for ages this year, I think the challenge is spurring me on.

Nana - Thanks for dropping by, what a great blog you have. Adding it to my bloglines.

Christina said...

Jodi - I just started my 31st book. Since I now realize I will not be making my goal of 60 books by the end of the year, I bumped up my personal contribution to $3.00 per book (previously $2.00), and I'm thinking of contributing $.50 per book I didn't finish, and $1.00 per short story/novella (sometimes, there will be only one story in an anthology that I'm interested in reading right away).

It will be interesting to see the end of the year totals.

Jodie said...

Christina that's so generous of you :) 31 is still a fab total.

sarah said...

I'm not sure if I am still receiving your emails. Haven't gotten one in some time and don't know when you sent the last one out. I hope to receive your end-of-year totals request email soon!



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