Thursday, 20 August 2009

June Update (late)

Gah so yes I've been a little absent, but most importantly I've been reading! Just wanted to drop you a quick update:

I asked for totals in June and in that month I received responses that told me all active participants had read a cumulative total of 386 books (including me). I know the total's probably way bigger now (I'm up from 31 books to 51). Great going guys!

That means alongside your own charity activities you've all helped to raise almost £4 for Eco Libris, that's just over $4 which means next year we'll be helping to plant four new trees.

Unfortunately when I call for totals I'm getting about 12 - 15 responses. I don't know if everyone else is still reading for charity and gathering money. I hope so (give a little hey in the comments if you just haven't had time to return a total).

The next official total call will be the final total now but I'm always happy to receive news on how you're doing!

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