Sunday, 26 October 2008

Bring on the Buttons!

Hey everyone. This is Mandi from Total Bookworm. I've made a few buttons for us and I'll be making a couple of banners either today or tomorrow. Please just right click & save these to your computer to use them.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Friday, 24 October 2008

Our First Participants

Hi to our first participants! I'm so thankful that Wendy posted about this event on A Novel Challenge and there will be an announcement about it in Estella's Revenge next month! I'm going to try sending press releases out to other places but it would really help if you could post about 'The Yera of Readers' on your own blogs that would really help. I hope we'll pick up lots of people and really be able to make a difference to some charities next year.

If you left an e-mail address in the comments you should have received an invitation to contribute to this blog. It would be great to see people dropping by in 2009 to talk about how their challenge is going or just to put up reviews of books they think other challenge participants might like. I'll be
e-mailing through forms for you to gather sponsors on. I suggest getting them to sponsor you per book or give a flate rate, much simpler to calculate than an amount per page. If you want other bloggers tro sponsor you online I suggest either just getting them to declare themselves (say that they will sponsor you and how much for) in a comment and let them send their contributions directly to your chosen charity at the end of 2009 or check out Just Giving to see if the charity has a campaign set up there.

I'm going to work hard to have lots of fun things happening throughout the year to keep the challenges momentum going. I hope you will all enjoy my laidback, read what you like challenge and that between us we'll raise lots of money for deserving causes.

As you can see we're still graphically challenged after my graphic designers had some personal issues to deal with. If you can create great looking buttons and banners please let me know!

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