Thursday, 19 March 2009

Prize Draw - March

This months giveway is extra-super specialicious. Richard Nash who was until just recently running Softskull Press generously donated 5 books for us to pass on to you lucky, lucky readers. He let me pick the titles and even replaced one when the book I picked wasn't availabe. Fabulous guy, really friendly and nice. (You can also buy Softskull titles at Turnaround.)

Books to be won are:

Candy in Action - Matthue Roth
Gone and Back Again - Jonathan Scott
Cool for You - Eileen Myles
Lonely Werewolf Girl - Martin Millar
Branwell - Douglas A Martin

I've decided to make them into one big prize package, but such a big freebie means I'm going to ask you guys to put a little more effort in to win this draw. Don't worry I'm not going to make you joust or anything:)

Recently I've been thinking about where all the books we read in 2009 might end up. The books that leave my house often go in charity bags, some get traded at Bookmooch, sold on Amazon and occassionally I post a book to a campaign that is collecting books to stock libraries, pass on to people who don't have books or raise money for worthy causes.

So to be in with a chance of winning the Softskull book bonanza all you have to do is donate a book to a worthy cause (it's a nice honour system giveway).

For every book you put in the post (or donate locally) before midnight 31st March GMT you get an entry into the draw. Please comment to let me know which organisation you've sent to and how many books you've sent.

You get one extra entry if you write about the cause/s that you're sending books to somewhere (make sure you leave a link to your post in the comments below).

You can get an other entry if someone tells you they were influenced by your post and sent books to a charitable organisation/needful library (think libraries abroad or those destroyed by natural disasters).

To add to the prize giving goodness I'm almost certain that I'll be including a mystery book in with this package so go nuts donating!


J.C. Montgomery said...

Not sure how this will work with what you've asked, but my "policy" is - and always has been - that any book (except ARC's) that I read and decide not to keep, I donate to the library. It is their choice to use it or, as it the case generally, give it to The Friends of the Library to sell. Much of the monies made from these sales goes to support Library programs.

I never accept a donation receipt as it is unimportant to me that I keep track of such things.

Nearly all of the books on my shelves were purchased from the Library bookstore or from their warehouse sales. Donating back the books I've read/bought gives me a good feeling and that is enough for me.

I cannot tell you how many I've given back. All I know is that I keep a paper shopping bag near the door. When it gets full, I drop it off at my local branch. I've done this twice in the last year.

I have posted about this subject before as well as wrote a guest post for another blog.

Here is my post which links to the guest post.

Jodie said...

Wow that's awesome JC I'm thrilled to see someone who likes to give back their books. There's a lot of talk about how charity donations affect author's revenues but once back in a library they get a lending revenue so charity can still contribute to authors.

I think I said that you have to donate in March to be entered and I'm going to have to stick to that or everyone will wnt me to count any books they ever donated.

However I am going to give you one entry for your guest post. You're in the running to win the book bonanza :)

sarah said...

I'm not sure if this counts, but I donated five huge art books to the local free book exchange. It's a really cool place and I wish more cities had one. It is a very cozy place stocked with hundreds of books that you can just take for free, and it is replenished by other people's donations. It is kind of exactly like the library except you never have to return the books you borrow and it also gets to feel a lot more like sharing.

J.C. Montgomery said...

Wow Sarah,I really like that idea. I will have to see if there is such a thing in Reno.

We have 3 fairly active used bookstores, and I know that 2 of them give credit for some of the books traded in toward other used books you would like to buy.

But I like the idea of ensuring there are always resources for those who would like to get books, but don't always have the means.

I just love it!!


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