Friday, 27 February 2009

January Totals

I was going to pop up the list of everyone's favourite books and announcements for January, but I seem to have left my copy at work so that will have to wait until Monday.

However I can announce the total number fo books we all read in January. I'm still waiting for 12 totals to be returned to me but at the moment our January total stands at 257 books.Amazingly this means we have so far raised over $1440 (£1,019.69) between us! I'm so grateful to everyone for getting involved, keep up the good work :)


Peta said...

That's a really impressive amount of money and it's great to see that taking very small steps can make such a difference.

Thanks again for setting this up!

Jodie said...

Yes I'm super excited by how much money we've raised in such a short time! Much of that is due to the big flat rate donations some people have got so I expect the total will level out along the way.


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